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My Movement Story

Updated: Aug 18

Like the most of you, I came into this world learning through the five senses what does “to live” means. As a shy and very quiet Mexican kid, my inner dialogue was full of kinetic curiosity about how to fly from one couch to the other, to reach the top of a tree or do backflips in gymnastics. My inner voice just was present to explain movement, laugh about it or play with it.

From 4 years old until 11 I got hooked Gymnastics
Paula Ramirez in 1987 Gymnastics. La Paz, BCS, Mexico

An important element that enhanced my necessity to move was music; I used to sleep and wake up with it, and dance became a natural follow-on activity. In 1997 I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to study Communication Sciences. During those four and a half years, I joined the Contemporary Dance Company and that was the first time that I did Pilates as a methodical warm up. I didn’t realize that being a mind and body connector was my true vocation until some years later. And because you never stop learning, here you have the list of relevant experiences since I switched focus to movement education:

Continuing education

Movement School: Rational science, Creative arts, Environmental practice

Marcello Pallozzo | Vienna, Austria | January 2022 an continuing

Fisio Plus Pilates Seminars: Foot Tripod, Lateral Lazies, Spirals and Fascia Flex

Zoe Queally | Online | May-July 2020

Authentic Pilates Convention honoring Romana Kryzanowska

Inelia Garcia, Jean Claude Nelson, Peter Fiasca, Jerome Weinberg | Lisbon, Portugal | March 2020

Classical Pilates Workshops Palermo Pilates Symposium

Murat Berkin, Brooke Syler, Alisa Wyatt, Inelia Garcia, Gloria Garperi | Palermo, Italy | June 2019

Neurokinetic Therapy Level one certification

Dr. Kathy Dooley I London, UK | January 2019

Garage Gym Girl, Gymnastics for Adults

Kristy Gosart | Stockholm, Sweden | September 2018

Animal Flow, quadrupedal program certification level 2

Mike Fitch | London, UK | July 2017

Xtensal Pilates Herniated Disc, Biomechanics and Scoliosis Seminars

Isaac Fernandez | Los Cabos, Mexico |November 2016

Animal Flow, quadrupedal certification Level 1

Sasha Muller | Amsterdam, NL | May 2016

Real Pilates New York - Classical Pilates for Injuries and Strength Training

Alycea Ungaro | DF, Mexico| February 2015

Ashtanga Yoga Series 1 & 2

Mark Robberds |Todos Santos, Mexico | October 2015

Vinyasa Yoga Inversions

Yoga Alliance | San Jose del Cabo, Mexico | July 2014

Anatomy 3D Balanced Body, Hip & Pelvic Floor

Norah St. John | Seattle, US | April 2014

Pilates Method Alliance Certification, now National Pilates Certification

Paper exam approved | DF, Mexico | May 2013- up to present

Pilates Circuit Intermediate JL Conditioning

Pilates Salud | DF, Mexico | September 2012

Pilates FEP International Congress honoring Lolita San Miguel

Pat Guyton, Elena Bartley, Lolita San Miguel, Zoe Queally | Madrid, Spain | April 2012

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Nutrition and Gastronomic Journalism, Post Graduate Course | Madrid, Spain | Jan- May 2012

Flamenco Experience

Weekend Intensive Workshops I Mexico, Spain, Norway I 2011, 2015, 2020

TRX Suspension Training STC Certification

Power Plate | Mexico City, Mexico | February 2011

Pre Pilates and Reformer Series PMA Workshops

Kevin A. Bowen | Mexico City, Mexico | May 2010

Peak Pilates System Comprehensive Certification

Holmes Place| Barcelona, Spain | September 2009

Peak Pilates Mve’ Fitness Chair

Velocity Fitness | Dallas, US |December 2007

Personal Training Course

AFFA | Monterrey, Mexico | September 2006

Pilates Style Magazine Convention

Julian Littleford, Alan Herdman , Alycea Ungaro, Ellie Herman | July 2005

Allegro 1 Reformer The Pilates Coach

Leslee Bender| Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | November 2004

Stott Pilates and Yamuna Body rolling Workshops

IDEA Fitness Convention | San Diego, US | July 2004

Pilates institute London

Pilates Mat & Swiss Ball | Guadalajara, Mexico| March 2003

ITESO Universidad Jesuita

Modern Jazz- Afro I Maria Fernanda Vaca I Guadalajara, Mexico I 1998 - 2002

When I finished the Communications bachelor, I felt I've chosen wrongly, but now looking back I am a communicator indeed. I’ve been able to learn from so many diverse personalities and backgrounds using my body as an amazing tool and my spirit towards empathy and playfulness to help others; always looking for adventures but coming back to “my core”, to what centers me. And that's exactly what I want to invite you to do: To find your own way to move through life with awareness and enjoy.

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