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The full story


Change is the only constant and these last couple of years, I had the incredible opportunity of giving myself time to adjust to Vienna, but also finding my niche in this world again. There have been big breakthtroughts and breakups with my past thinking ways, and I feel ready to offer a new perspective towards my profession. What remained intact is my desire to help others to find clarity in their paths towards health, as much as I have been guided.



Encourage people to  discover their movement potential through playful and meaningful experiences, so it remains in the mind as a strong habit that can endure a lifetime.

Promote healthy habits through mind & body self-understanding, imagination and curiosity to be open to new meaningful experiences. 


I strive to deliver effective solutions to communication issues between mind, body and willpower as a movement teacher. And as Mind to Move, being an ethical and creative health services provider, collaborating with colleagues in the field that promote my values with their unique perspective. 


My background

Early years

As a shy and very quiet kid, my inner dialogue was related with kinesthetic imagination, like how to fly from one couch to another or how to climb trees. From the age of 4 until 11 years old, Gymnastics was my world. As I became older, got hooked into dancing, specially in my University years. Between 1997 and 2001, I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico studying Communication Sciences, a career that made sense at that time. Despite speaking in public was a big challenge for me, my body in that sense had more power to express through Contemporary Dance, Afro and Modern Jazz. Being part of the Jazz ITESO company, made that period very special because of the workshops, friendships and traveling experiences. 

Studio Owner years

Right after my bachelor degree, I studied Italian in Florence, Italy (a teen age dream) for nine months and then came back to my hometown La Paz, Mexico.  While I was working as a corporate design freelance, my hobby was teaching Cardio dance. But interacting and helping people to feel energised felt much better than my real job. So in 2003 my quest to understand the body biomechanics and the power of the mind began. Pilates Institute London, Coach Pilates, Peak Pilates and JL. Conditioning were my first educational sources. Then TRX Functional and personal training AFAA were relevant years after. Opening a Pilates and Dance studio called "Kinesis" (movement in greek) was a natural step. 400 clients registered through a period of 8 years with schedules of 20-30 hours a week. I kept an honest approach of non stop studying and applying everything I learned. Traveling frequently, specially to USA, opened my eyes about how the Fitness industry was developing.


Freelance up to this day

By 2012 I decided to close the Studio and become a full time freelancer in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Through this period, developing continue education workshops for Pilates Teachers, but also for other professionals in Yoga and Functional Training was my priority. I passed the Pilates Method Alliance comprehensive test (NPCP now), to have a third party certification that could be recognized internationally without depending on one school anymore. Having a home studio and working in Resorts felt well balanced, until a new adventure started with my dutch husband. In 2017 we moved to Trondheim, Norway, where I kept teaching Pilates and updating my studies with well known teachers of the method, but also other quadrupedal training trends that guided me towards what I am immersed now in Vienna: A completely innovative approach towards what movement and it's practice means, learning from Marcello Pallozzo's school. Now-days I am more attached to the components that really hooked me to become a trainer/teacher/practitioner: Athletic challenges, mind's freedom through body expression and it's deep understanding through science and arts. Exciting times are coming and hope you are part of them!  

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