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Looking for intensive inspiration or continue education?

Past Events

Get a visual idea of how are the Mind to Move events

Since 2013, I have been delivering master classes and workshops and continue education courses that relate with movement in all the possible meanings.

With interactions among professional colleagues, and experts in other topics related with health, the Mind to Move events have a fun educative approach.


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March 2024 Reformer Teacher Training Collaboration - Soma Co. Studio, Vienna, Austria

May 2023 Emotion in Motion & Spineabilities -

Tai Chi Center & Aikido Club Trondheim, Norway.


May 2023 Ligereza en Reformer & Mat 3D - Alemuv Studio, Campeche, Mexico.


June 2023 Pilates, tu lógica en el método - Essencia Studio, La Paz, Mexico.


June 2023 Creatividad y Movimiento - El Molinito, La Paz, Mexico. 

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