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Past Events

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Since 2013, I have been delivering master classes and workshops that relate with movement in all the possible meanings.

With interactions among professional colleagues, and experts in other topics related with health, the Mind to Move events have a fun educative approach.


2023 is a busy year for me and I hope you can join me anywhere you can. The first outdoor events will happen in Vienna, during April. Then in May a couple of master classes in Trondheim, Norway. And right after in Campeche and La Paz, Mexico by June. Check all the details below.  






Tune all your senses with a talented Violinist and a Pilates Teacher, we will guide you through 6 musical pieces that express the 6 Pilates Principles. Focus on the live music, the birds, the fresh air and your body getting what your mind is experiencing. After the session, there will receive a lunch box and you're welcome to stay for a social coffee time.

Sunniva Carmen Fossum (b.1988) is a classical violinist. Freelance musician playing in different orchestras in Norway, like the prizewinning chamber orchestra Ensemble Allegria. She is playing on a Cremonese violin built by Enrico Ceruti in 1873, owned and distributed by The Trondheim Soloists and Sparebanken1 SMN.

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