From chaos to control, mind and willpower are there to lead.
Exploit the unlimited potential for
enjoyment that your body offers.  

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About me

Welcome to this virtual space where I share free content related with movement, health and the ways to connect with me as a collaborator, student or colleague. For more than two decades, promote awareness and insist through playfulness, have been essential strategies to encourage people to move. My background  is diverse and that's what I offer in any service I deliver. I want to plant the seed of curiosity and motivate you to live memorable experiences. How will I do that?

*Listening and observing your movement story and considering what drives you in life. 

*Nurturing your trust and confidence but above all, surprise you by exposing your own capabilities.  

*Helping you connect what your mind wants and your body needs

*If you ask, I share respectful advice, but never imposed.

*I will make you laugh and enjoy failing. That's when the real change begins.

*As an eager traveler I am interested in your culture and how we can share past or potential adventures.

If you are interested in practice with me, I am a mail away hope to meet soon!



 "Paula ist nicht nur ein absoluter Profi, sondern sie versteht es, sich total auf den Schüler u seine Wünsche einzustellen, seine Fähigkeiten u sein Potential zu erkennen, un mit den passenden Übungen zu fördern. Überdies hat sie die Gabe, großartig motivieren zu können. Ich bin dir dankbar, Paula, denn mit dir habe ich wieder Freude an Bewegung gefunden und eine neue faszinierende Welt entdeckt."

— Rainer Kohut, Austria

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