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Climbar Sessions

Movement Practice Vienna's teacher

  • Variable price
  • Red Bars at Estherhazy Park

Service Description

Being part of the schedule of Movement Practice Vienna has been a dream come true. As a welcoming community formed by practitioners with diverse backgrounds, we give the chance to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of ones body, through different experiences related with the environment. Increasing capacities like strength and mobility, elasticity and be more dexterous are just a few goals covered in the weekly schedule through 3 yearly cycles. The present cycle (May 13th-July 10th) at Climbar sessions (8:15-9:30 & Tuesdays18:00- 18:30) we cover the foundational routines of the system and introduce the concept of elastic and phasic body to begin reaching higher bars, emphasising also light precise landings. Always including everyone interested at their own learning tempo but with the same solid commitment to improve physical capabilities. For more info of how to participate and the full offer of MPV go to:

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Esterházypark, Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz, Vienna, Austria

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