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Palermo Pilates Symposium, Unforgettable Quotes

Updated: Aug 18

June 27th-30th were days that I spent immerse in Contrology at it's best in a sunny and hot Sicily.

Here, Gloria Gasperi helping me to achieve the long lasting handstand in the "Bottoms Up" Workshop.

If there is a way to reconnect with what is the legacy of Contrology, the Palermo Pilates Symposium is one event that gathers the most representative minds of this outstanding method. Lesley Bell, the organizer was as impressive and kind as I imagined since the first mail requesting information. Not an easy task and definitely something to applaud. The powerful and energetic good vibe of Glora Gasperi. Murat Berkin and his keen eye, and absolut focus in the bodies that he has in front. The quick mind of Brooke Siler and the captivating teaching of Alisa Wyatt who definitely domanis the communication side of the Pilatesology platform. Also the very interesting presentation of Ken Endelman, Founder and CEO of Balanced Body, about the history and development of the equipment of J. P.

From trying the Contrology Reformer and be soaked in sweat after Gloria Gasperi's Advanced class recorded for Pilatesology; having long lasting conversations about Pilates and life with Julia Liedberguis, my partner in this adventure, and get to know more teachers from all over Europe, Canada and US. This was a wonderful opportunity to be a blank page again to fill it with unforgettable cues, sequences, advices, new friendships, but most of all, Pilates people that is hooked with the way the Contrology transforms minds and bodies.

Here I share with you some of the most significant quotes that I got from this experience:

"When you shape a body, you shape the life of that person" Inelia García

"When you do Contrology, noise doesn't exist" Romana Kryzanowska

"Organize the method to make sense" Inelia García

"You should build the house and then go out from the house" Inelia García

"Try to go to where you want stability first, so they move better" Brooke Siler

"Where is no space, is emotion... not looking for that in class, but start with where is space" Gloria Gasperi

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