• Paula Ramirez

My Movement Story Part 2.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

How I craved to reach new heights of health and well-being

After six busy months since I wrote the first part of my movement journey and created this website, it's time to tell you how I end up teaching movement in the first place.

In my early 20's, I had different types of jobs, mainly design related. From cartography iconography, lighting-lamps design, restaurant menus or logos for stores, but nothing hooked me more than teaching movement. It all began as an hour of "Afro Aerobics" in a local Gym in La Paz B.C.S. Mexico. This hapenned in 2003 while I was a fast food eater, sitting long hours, sleeping and waking up very late. The only sense of order in my days were the hours to prepare my sessions with a combination of Afro jazz steps, a medicine ball and trance music. After a year of consistency in the role of gym trainer, I searched for a course related with the swiss ball in Guadalajara and I found a Pilates Institute London one. So then I decided to organize a trip for a bit longer that two weeks, and for that short period I moved five to eight hours daily. It was an exciting time for me since I discovered that my mind and body were responding tireless, absorbing everything. I was asking myself anatomy and kinesiology questions, looking bodies and people's disposition to move, and then I just couldn't stop. I even tried for the first time Pilates with Reformer machines.

When I came back to La Paz to apply what I had learned, my students were more engaged and asking for more hours. So I quit the gym and began to teach in houses, moving big balls and mats from one place to another until I opened the doors of "Kinesis, Pilates and Dance Studio". With the support of my family and loyal clientele, this space gave me lots of satisfactions and also hard lessons about how to become a better motivator, business manager and mover. Above all, I remember the most important one until this day : Balance your energy and spend time where is worthy. A Peak Pilates certification, PMA workshops, AFAA personal training and dance courses, among other studies in international conventions were highlights on this professional period.

For seven solid years, I became an early bird, thinking about efficient ways to deliver an integral positive experience to my clients. I got interested in cooking thanks to family meals and lost interest in fast food. That's how I started to feel better with my sense of purpose in life. But still through this process, getting lost was easy as the massive fitness and wellness industry developing along technology and diverse lifestyles. In 2012 my studio owner aspirations shifted and I took a break to rethink my life one more time, but that's for the third part of the story.

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