• Paula Ramirez

Coronavirus changing our routines

During this world changing situation, Mind to Move will try to adapt and help as possible to those who are already part my courses, but also those who want to try movement sessions through a screen. Here I present some options to stay connected:

Mind to Move Clients

*Contact via email if you want to be part of the Zoom's Tuesdays and Thursdays 30 min. free sessions until March 26th.


*Request to Join the Facebook Private group "Mind to Move Flows" to be part of LiveStream Mondays and Wednesdays 30 min.free sessions. These will be multilevel and from 16:30-17:00 pm

*Private Facetime 30 min. sessions are available for 250 Nok on Fridays.

Now is when it gets more important to improve mind-body awareness while you train. I will do my best to use my eagle eyes and communicate through understandable body language. But also your ability to listen and comprehend will be challenged. Here are new opportunities, new waters to try, and I am positive and looking forward to have fun exploring with you strategies to get the best of this critical situation.

Stay safe and hopefully see you very soon!

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