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While you move, if there is constant body pain in some specific area, your brain is trying to alert you that something is not working as it should. Pain is very valuable and necessary for our protective system; but is essential to understand it and act accordingly.

NeuroKinetic Therapy ® identifies imbalances and determines what muscles are inhibited and the muscles that are compensating for them, thereby allowing us to provide advice about specific treatments or apply corrective exercise techniques to restore proper movement patterns and reprogram the motor control center. 

A 60 min. session is composed of a movement history questionnaire, movement assessments and NKT protocols to deliver a homework that the client will intend to repeat as a habit to correct one or two dysfunctions at a time. Yes, the solution is in your hands! The follow up can vary in frequency depending of the functional problem to solve.

Since I am recently relocated in Vienna, Austria, and  the process of finding my niche in the city has been interrupted by the lockdown, this service is still on hold, but I will let you know as soon as I begin to offer it. I am delighted to introduce you to this corrective movement system very soon.